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Hey, I’m Alix Turoff!

Your virtual dietitian

Stop obsessing about food, feel good in your body,
and start living the life you want.

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Get your Happy Hour Survival Guide

Learn how to order your favorite cocktails
without sabotaging your goals.

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Say it with me

"Food can be fun."

The word “diet” has a negative connotation.

It’s because every diet you’ve been on has probably been restrictive, boring, and isolating.

I want to change that.

Let me teach you how to eat well, improve your relationship with food and feel good in your body.

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Ready to get your act together?




Fill out my coaching application and if I feel you’d be a good fit for my program, I will get in touch with you to set up a free discovery call to talk about your goals, and what I can do to help you get there. Together we will decide which of my programs is right for you.

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During our first session, I’ll do a full assessment to really get to know you. We’ll discuss your diet history explore your relationship with food, health habits and more. We will talk about your goals and develop a plan to help you reach them.

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During our follow-up sessions, we will reflect on your progress, combat challenges as they arise and continue to fine tune your nutrition plan. I’ll be there for ongoing support and accountability as you work toward your goals.

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Want to
work with me?

Check out my Programs

Let me teach you how you can eat
the food you love, stop obsessing,
and get the body you always wanted.


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